Top Catz Boxing Promotions Officially Launches

Wilson, NC (October 11) – Tony Meeks has announced the formation of a new boxing company that will be based out of Wilson, NC.

Meeks has partnered with some very strong, local businessmen to form Top Catz Boxing.

Top Catz Boxing is planning to announce an event schedule for the 2017 calendar year. All events will be held in North Carolina.  All events promise to be exciting, and will be catering to the needs and wants of the fans. The inaugural Top Catz Boxing Promotion will be February 4, 2017 with the details to soon be announced.


Meeks, who is extremely disgusted with the negative attention and culture surrounding North Carolina boxing, created Top Catz Boxing to positively change the image of North Carolina boxing.

“I am tired of hearing people saying bad things about North Carolina Boxing. While a small amount of the negative perception might be warranted, we have a large amount of untapped good. It is time for fighters to step up, and darn promoters stop making one sided fights to pad records. It doesn’t help these kids. Well, I’m a man of action. If a fighter is willing to put in the work, and face real competition then Top Catz Boxing will help them!”

Meeks and Top Catz Boxing will blend local flavor with national resources to make sure fans get everything they pay for and fighters get maximum pay out for the entertainment they provide.

For more information on Top Catz Boxing and the upcoming schedule of events, please visit

For media opportunities with Top Catz Boxing contact

Chris Williams 919 244-0416

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